We're bylinecommunications

We help the NHS and healthcare services think differently, through strategic communications consulting and psychologically-underpinned business transformation. 


Results driven

We work with all kinds of clients to guarantee you a professional, friendly and flexible approach. Our team of talented marketing and communications specialists blend creativity and strategic insight to help you stand out from the crowd.
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Rebekah and Hadrian are a dream pair. The effect they have had on our culture and messaging is nothing short of transformational.


Adam Bentley

What we do. 

Backed by an experience of more than two decades in communications and digital marketing, we are experts in raising the profile and protecting the reputation of companies and organisations within the health and arts sector.
Our insight and personal experience means we know how to position our clients and make the most of what they do.
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Team focus

We know first-hand the pressure and challenges that come with management and frontline roles.
Through our Coaching and Training programmes we ensure your management and teams are able to work at their best. Coaching helps to promote a supportive company culture, prevent burnout and build resilience across the board.
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Our Clients

NHS Blackpool
NHS Clatterbridge
InHealth Group Ltd
Care UK
Vista Health

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There's a form for that. Click the link below or send an email to hadrian@bylinecommunications.co.uk
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